Frequently Asked Questions

Will my contribution get me a copy of the Project V13 game if it is released?

No. This campaign isn't meant to fund the final PV13 video game.

So what DO I get?

"What's in it for me?" It's a fair question. Your contribution at $10 and up will get you access to news, special updates, and content from the new Black Isle Studios - PV13 forums. At $20 and over, you will achieve special insider status and you will be able to participate in a restricted area of the forum to interact directly with the BIS game designers - make suggestions, discuss our progress, ask us what we had for lunch...

You will receive a certificate of appreciation documenting your efforts to prevent the End of Time. You will also receive a special Black Isle Mayan Apocalypse Replacement (BIMAR) virtual backer badge for display in your forum profile and in game if we successfully launch. The certificate and BIMAR backer badge will be tied to your level of contribution and will demonstrate to others the level of your ongoing support. The top 20 contributors will each receive a unique BIMAR badge reflecting their outstanding commitment to saving the world.

We may hold other promotions in the future that offer forum or in-game badges as rewards, but this will be your ONLY chance to earn the BIMAR badge to show that you supported this project from the beginning. So act now!

When will the new Black Isle Studios forums open?

Assuming we get the support necessary to Save the World, we should have the forums up and running in about 30 days (approximately the end of January). Shortly before then, we will make a further announcement and send email notifications inviting contributors to register. NOTE THAT YOUR PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED NOW, AT THE TIME YOU MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION, NOT AT THE TIME THE FORUM OPENS.

Sounds great, but what will you do with my money?

We have been working hard behind the scenes to resume operations as Black Isle Studios. Since we are no longer constrained by licensing issues, we have the opportunity to build a new IP from the ground up and there is a lot more latitude to unleash our creativity, try some new ideas and even incorporate your suggestions. Our goal at this stage is threefold: 1) prove to management that you want Black Isle Studios resurrected - and all the history and tradition of excellence that goes with it; 2) to continue to staff up BIS and complete our PV13 game design; and 3) to develop a tech demo/ proof of concept for our design that will open the doors to additional funding.


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